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Aims and Objectives

The aims of the Plan are to provide the basis for sustainable shoreline management policies over the next 100 years, to set the framework for the future management of risks along the coastline and provide the information needed to develop the statutory land use plans in so far as they are affected by coastal processes. 

The objectives of the SMP process are to:

  • set out the risks from flooding and erosion to people and the developed, historic and natural environment within the SMP area which will extend up to the tidal limit
  • identify the consequences of the uncertainty of predicted sea level rise on future policy options;
  • identify opportunities to maintain and improve the environment by managing the risks from floods and coastal erosion;
  • identify the preferred policies for managing risks from floods and erosion over the next century including revised policies where the current policy may become unsustainable;
  • identify the consequences of putting the preferred policies into practice;
  • set out procedures for monitoring how effective these policies are and to identify “triggers” that would necessitate changing those policies;
  • inform others so that future land use, planning and development of the shoreline takes account of the risks and the preferred policies;
  • discourage inappropriate development in areas where the flood and erosion risks are, or will become, high; and
  • meet international and national nature conservation legislation and aim to achieve the biodiversity objectives.

The revision of the current Plans will involve six stages:

  • Stage 1 – Scope the SMP
  • Stage 2 – Undertake Assessments to Support Policy Development
  • Stage 3 – Policy  Development
  • Stage 4 – Public Examination
  • Stage 5 – Finalise Plan
  • Stage 6 – Plan Dissemination

Extensive stakeholder engagement will be required at each stage in the process including the use of the Web, exhibitions and public meetings. In particular, Stage 4 – Public Examination will require detailed explanation of the proposed Plan policies and the changes that might be required to those policies as a result of Climate Change together with the relevant background information.



ID: 12 Revised: 23/7/2012

Member Organisations

Countryside Council for Wales Carmarthenshire County Council Qinetiq
Vale of Glamorgan Bridgend County Borough Council Welsh Assembly Government
Environment Agency Swansea City and County Pembrokeshire County Council Neath and Port Talbot County Borough